(Mahi Mahi) Dolphin Charters

Stuart, FL offers some of the greatest dolphin charters in the state. Mahi Mahi are some of the best tasting and most plentiful fish in the ocean. Off of the Treasure Coast, these fishing charters are best from early fall till mid to late summer. They start to show up in October and are here in full force by mid April. These tasty, colorful, game fish will eat anything you put in front of them. April-July are the best months for the Gaffers (20 lbs and up).

Dolphin are very aggressive fish. While trolling you can often see them coming from a long way out. Stuart, Fl. offers great dolphin fishing. They always display amazing colors while they are alive and once hooked put on a great display of long runs and jumps. These fish provide some of the best charter fishing action Florida has to offer.

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