Salt Water Fly Fishing

12249840_1124053920940882_4756710407151758204_nFly fishing charters provide you the ultimate light tackle experience for chasing big game including Dolphin, Tuna, Sailfish, Bonito, Kingfish or Cobia. Stuart, Florida offers you the opportunity to catch these species almost year round. A couple of different methods are used on the boat when targeting different species with fly tackle. For Dolphin and Sailfish, we troll hookless teasers with stitched ballyhoo or fresh strip baits. When a fish comes into the spread our mate teases the fish to the boat and as the boat comes out of gear you toss your fly into place. The teaser is jerked out of the water and all that is left is your fly. GAME ON!

For Kingfish, Mahi and Bonito we can chum with live bait which will incite a feeding frenzy where a cast can be made from a dead boat. WHAM! the fight is on. Blistering runs, high jumps, and down and dirty fighting characterize these species.

Cobia fishing is strictly sight fishing and we do this along the beaches and on Manta Rays throughout different times of the year.

Your best opportunity for Sailfish and smaller dolphin on fly would be from the end of November to early February. The best chances for Big Mahi, Tuna and incidental Sailfish would be April through June. Summertime provides the best opportunity for King Mackerel and Bonito. February through June provide the best opportunity for Cobia.

Because of the uniqueness of fly tackle we request that you bring your own rod and reel. Terminal tackle and flies are also not provided by the boat.

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