swordfishThe Swordfish or Broadbill, is primarily known as a nocturnal feeder, however, in South Florida, we have a very good hold on the daytime Swordfish bite as well.

During the night, with rigged squids and live baits fished at various depths, we cover a good part of the water column as we drift up the Gulf Stream which is located approximately 35 miles to our south. We typically use 50lb standup tackle, making the fight challenging but manageable. Should the Swordfish meet the minimum size requirement, we boat and dress the fish for you. If not, we will get photos and release them. You can enjoy the fight and let them go to be caught on another trip. We typically like to leave at 6pm and will fish all night returning between 4am to 5am. We’ve boated fish as large as 175lbs, but the potential is always there for fish of several hundred pounds.

During the day, we use our Lindgren-Pitman Electric Reels for dropping up to 1800’ for these elusive beauties. The charter hours on a daytime Swordfishing trip are 7am to 4pm which includes running south to the productive waters, approximately 35 miles.

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